Mechanicsburg Community Information

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania is located in south central Pennsylvania within minutes of the cities of Hershey, Carlisle, and Harrisburg, the state's capital. Known to locals as the Capital Region, these four cities combine to form a stretch of land often referred to as the "best kept secret in Pennsylvania." The area holds many wonders and offers many amenities for visitors and residents alike. From the Revolutionary War through the Civil War and beyond, this region's history parallels the history of our great nation.

For family fun, there is everything from the world's tallest and wettest splashdown amusement park ride, to some of the best fishing, hiking and biking you can find anywhere. There are zoos to visit, caves to explore, theater and sporting events to applaud, and some of the most beautiful buildings and parks in the world to see and visit. The area is truly full of surprises.

Mechanicsburg's close proximity to the state's capital city makes it a part of the Harrisburg metropolitan area and a member of Cumberland County. Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, is comprised of six municipalities: Upper and Lower Allen, Hampden, Silver Spring and Monroe Townships, and Mechanicsburg Borough. Its small-town atmosphere blends warmth and comfort in a hometown setting with the pleasures of an urban metropolis nearby. The town itself is home to nearly 17,000 inhabitants, although many residents live in unincorporated areas surrounding the city proper. Housing options in Mechanicsburg consist of condominiums, townhouses, single-family homes, and land for custom building.